Friday, February 6, 2009

Atlas Shrugs

Well, what does that mean??? Atlas equals "the world". Is it shrugging it's shoulders at Israel?

Or remember in school, there was this photo of atlas who had the world sitting on his shoulder? Did "he" shrug and the world shook?

Or has everyone in the world turned into an ostrich, stuck their head in the ground, and are willing to ignore what is going on beyond their current street address???

How much of the world do you know? Do you bother to read world news? Do you actually BELIEVE what they report on CNN and the evening world news? WHY????

Do you know what jihad means? What is happening to freedom of speech in other parts of this world?

Jihad is a religious duty of Muslims to invoke war against non-Muslims. It is the conquest of non-Muslim populations, forcing them to submit to Muslim rule.

OK, let me rephrase that one for you. Muslims believe that it is their job to force you to submit to Muslim rule if you are non-muslim. YIKES!!!

As much as I love Israel, there are millions who hate it. There are millions who want jihad against it and against Christians, against Jews, against anyone who is not muslim. WHERE are the world headlines about that little fact?????

What is your source of world news? Most newspapers simply tell us what they want us to "know". Here are some links you might want to read/subscribe to if you are really interested in what is going on in the world today.

Atlas Shrugs is actually a highly informative blog. If you don't read anything else, read this blog every single day!!! Pamela Geller. (I LOVE this gal!!!) She minces no words, gets right to the point, has a great sense of humor yet gets angry at just the right moment. There appear to be many who are trying to silence her, but I will do what I can to support her and encourage others to subscribe to her blog in order to learn the TRUTH about what is happening in this world.

And Pamela, if you run for senate...I promise, I will nominate myself in Colorado!!!

World Net Daily Much more informative than anything you will ever find on your local news or CNN! No more parental rights? Wow! Am I glad I'm the age I am! Yeah, there are a lot of ads and commercials....just read the content, not the ads.

The Cotopaxian Press. Be sure to read the subtitles (sometimes in a .2 font!) if you like to chuckle! But seriously, read the links that are provided - you will learn.

Israel Today Israel news

Israel National News Their site is down today and that always concerns me. Is someone attacking freedom of speech?

Jerusalem Post

If the world as we know it dissolves around us, then surely our world of art, our freedom of expression and freedom of creativity will end as we know it as well.

Wherever I stand, I stand with Isreal. And I have stood on this holy ground. I have walked by the Sea of Galilee, by the River Dan, on the Mount of Olives, and in the streets of Jerusalem. I have seen His handprint on the City of Old. And I knew every second that I was there just how holy it was, it is, and it will be.

I saw where "heaven on earth" will be. I truly long for the day that I can return.

Art comes in all forms. In words that are written, in poetry, in songs that are sung, in photography. Art is all around us, we just need to open our eyes to see it.

Art comes in freedom of expression.

Art is how I looked thru the lense of my camera. Art is how Jehovah God painted the landscapes that I photographed

Barbra Streisand sang "Holy Ground". The song, set to the photos I took of His Land, a Land Born in a Day, a land that is truly Holy Ground....

If you'd like the mp4 file so you can play this on a full screen, just email me!

To quote Pam's blog header....the Jew may be the canary in the coal mine, but you my friends will be next. Take your head out of the sand and fight the Great Fight. Become a citizen Jounalist, a citizen soldier.

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Vicki said...

Jen - I just watched your beautiful video- well done! I was just there in November and feel the same way you do about Isreal. Tensions were high in the Old City - rockets were being fired several times a day from the Gaza. My heart is with Isreal.