Thursday, December 11, 2008

Priceless childhood memories

Today was my Basement Babes group and I had instructed the gals to bring their favorite chocolate food - and share their recipes. But I decided to share a story with them because sometimes, a story is much better than anything else!

The thing I remember most about Christmas as a kid is that every year, we got dad a box of chocolate covered cherries, a jar of maraschino cherries and a jar of marshmellow cream. And mom got a box of assorted chocolates from Russell Stovers.

No, we didn't have soda, but I added it over the years. I had a period of drinking Diet Pepsi, then Diet Coke, then Diet 7-Up! I'm not sure if one would call that progress or not, but my sons grew up with these items each year at Christmas as well.

I remember the chocolate covered cherries - they just melt in your mouth.  And you know what, they are still just as good as they were 40 years ago!!!

Dad would dip a cherry in the marshmellow cream....or just put the cream on a knife and lick it.  Of course, he was doing it to torment all of us kids because we wanted it, too!!!

Back in those days, they didn't put a diagram of the chocolates on the inside of the lid.  So we would open the box of Russell Stovers, turn each piece over, and poke a hole in the back.  That way, you could tell what was in the inside of it!  For some reason, no one would eat the ones with the pink insides.  I guess that still holds true today!

And to get the caramel filled ones.....well, that was like winning the grand prize! Now that I'm my age....I always get the caramels!!!

You just can't put a price on memories like this!  Nor can you put a price on days like today!  We made cards this morning, ate chocolate, ordered pizza for lunch, did a gift exchange, then made more cards.  

Amazing friends! Incredible fun!!!  A perfect day - with a touch of priceless childhood memories!

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Lablady2007 said...

Loved your story and the trick with the chocolates i remember so well. Chocolate covered cherries were my mom's fav. She guarded them with her life
Ty for sharing your memories