Friday, December 12, 2008

More snowflakes

So, yesterday, at Basement Babes, we started out making snowflakes. Absolutely brilliant!!! I tell you, I could sit and cut them out for hours on end!!!

But here's how to cheat a little....find a snowflake you like online and just print it out

Cut out 1/12 of the flake:

and then cut the image out from that piece:

Fold your paper and trace the image on the top layer

And then cut it out:

Not bad at all!

So, if you can't find snowflakes, here is a wonderful site where you can draw them, then save them as a jpg, resize and print and make your own!


So now that you know all my tricks.....let's have a little challenge? What's the smallest size snowflake you can make???

I need to go hang mine up - company coming tonight!!!

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