Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's time

When I did the diet journal class for San Diego, several people emailed and asked me for an online class. Well, I'm not set up to do that, but we can give it a go here!

Here's what you need:

White Out Collection, Frenzy - Burst (paper)
Moxxsie, thempark Word TP-567
Meri Meri Accents, 90-1417), Happy Camper (sticker)
Karen Foster 01256 Fitness mini charms
Jolee's SPJB459 Sweat
Jolee's SPJt169 Time Out
Bind it all
1" o ring
turquoise cardstock

You will need to study the photo of the journal cover to see where I cut the cover from. It's 5" wide and 7" tall. I used the Zutter corner 1/2" corner rounder to round all the corners.

Take the "time" from the time Out sticker an dplace it at the bottom. I used the "t" from "out". Yes, I like to alter my stickers!

The sweat sticker says "no pain" and "no gain" Take the "i" out of gain and replace it with the extra weight, then use the "i" and the "s" from "sweat" to create the word "it's". The towel works for the apostrophe.

Cut apart the people from the "happy camper" sticker. Place the jump rope from the sweat sticker above the hands up character to make it look like they are jumping.

Perfectly great stickers the way they were.....but so much more fun when you cut them all apart!

Do the same with words to create your own motivational thoughts:

Is the diet rollercoaster eating over yet? Just do it! Woohoo! Hang on!

the "eat" in eating is from the sweat sticker.

You can make yours say anything. All from the sheet of paper.

and on the back:

I know, what about the guts of the thing? Well, I used 120 weight cardstock from Walmart and cut it to 5"x7" and rounded the corners.

The first page is a start/goal place for measurements.
Then a "goals" page and 3 pages of charts to show weight loss. Next are pages for posting food intake, etc. It's like a mini diet book - not as expansive as the ones you buy in the store, but still, it works. Finally, lots of blank pages for journaling your thoughts as you start your journey whether it's a diet, exercise program, healthy living - I think this would work for just about anything! If you'd like the excel spreadsheet, just email me.

I turn 57 in just a few short days, so I've titled this project "It's time". Not sure what it's time for....but I just know, it's time!

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