Friday, July 11, 2008

Scrap-a-ME-a!!! (a book of me)

Well, I'm almost done with my sample for the July 18th Mamma Mia, Scrap-a-ME-a! party at Scrapbook Your Life! This is so cute and you will learn some new techniques along the way! It's a small book, 4" x 3", but will be jammed packed with stuff about you!

I'll provide the book, paper and the 3 gals for the front cover, you get to decorate the rest of it however you want. When you arrive at class, there will be a questionnaire for you to fill out. I'll take that and print out the "lists" for your book - so it's totally personalized for you!

And, I'll show you how to alter stickers to work for any project. The girl on the right - had a wedding book in her hand and I've turned that into a "to do" list.

After the list of things you want to do will be a list of the things you've accomplished in your life. Well, if you are as old as me, we will have to shorten that list! LOL! And the girl was originally holding a plate (for a wedding) and now she's holding a bird!

This page is not done yet. But I wanted to photo it as it is. The couple were in white, so I'll show you how to alter stickers and change color on them. And the bag still says "all packed for the honeymoon" - of course, we're going to change that to say something like "I keep my bags packed - I'm always ready to go play!"

This page will have a list of all the things I never got to do but thought would be fun to do, like take ballet lessons. And yes - it's just too late for some things in my life!

And there will be yet another set of pages where we'll put a photo of you that night - or maybe a group photo of all of us!

It's bound to be a girl's night out for sure! Hope you will join us!


Debbie said...

Jen is there any way I can get this kit? It is so beautiful. There is no way I can be at your scrapbook party....I live too far away...booooo...but I would love to answer your survery and then purchase everything from you...Thanks

Jen Lowe said...

I will work on making a few extra class kits. I'm putting them together next week. Nothing like waiting til the last moment, huh? LOL! I'll keep you posted!


Pipi said...

Hi Jen
I love this little book...I'll buy one too. Also, I live way to far, Canada to be exact, but I would love to make this little book. I will try to make it to the movie here if it is the same date.
Love you blog.

Jen Lowe said...

Pipi, I'll post after the show how many kits we have left over. And if we sell out, I'll just make up some more! So stay tuned!!!