Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Playing with beeswax

I'm still working on samples for the classes in San Diego. Just a week and a half now! YIKES!!! I'm moving part of my studio up to the main floor this week and the place is just in a total mess. So tonight, I found the bin with the beeswax in it and decided to experiment a little:

I added some blue "to dye for" to white beeswax. Melted it, took a paint brush and painted it onto white glossy cardstock. While still warm, I stamped into it. Then I poured some into a silicone heart shaped ice cube tray. Amazing how it's transparent when thin and totally dark when thick.

Then I poured some out onto my craft sheet and stamped into it. If you stamp deep enough, it's transparent and here's how it looks with a white background:

And if you put it over black, it becomes a single color.

I enjoy playing with beeswax because you can stick anything into it. Here's one I did a few months back for a Ranger Design Team assignment. Just stuck things down into the warm beeswax, painted over the copy of the photo, even stuck a mini pencil in it:

Maybe tomorrow I'd better blog how to clean out your melting pot! I used 2 pots and 2 liner pans tonight, working on multiple techniques - sort of have a mess but decided it could all wait for morning!


lottery winners said...

that's way too cool.

Ginni said...

Very cool! Are you planning to play in beeswax at Estes?

Jen Lowe said...

If you sign up to come, I'll be sure to do beeswax! Guess I should blog about the retreat, huh? LOL!