Monday, June 16, 2008

Do you love a great romance story????

"They dated for over a year in high school, Lived separate lives for 27 years, Found each other again on a reunion website and seven years later - they're getting married"

Is that just the most romantic thing ever?

I am having so much fun and want you to join in! Norma Anne was on Spellbinders 2nd Design team and she was at CHA the year 2 of my sisters attended with me. We even adopted her as our "sister" - because when you meet her, you just want her to be family!

And now, Norma Anne is in a contest for a dream wedding! I've posted just about everywhere trying to muster up votes for her and today, I've decided to add a blog just for her!

You can click here to vote and read her romance story!

Bookmark that site and you can vote again every 12 minutes! She really does have the best romance story of any of the finalists! We have friends in the UK, Singapore, ok, all over the world that are voting for Norma Anne every 12 minutes. One of my pals, Rose, said she has the timer set and if it goes off and she doesn't vote, her hubby gives her a yell! Just too funny!!!

Norma Anne's website

Norma Anne's blog

Note, she is the only one in the contest who create a layout for her photo - everyone else just has a photo up. That ought to be worth 20,000 votes! LOL!

Now, you need to know, back in 2005, she called him "Sir Henry" because he was her king and she was his queen! I really didn't think she could get any more romantic - but this dream wedding - oh! she deserves this more than anyone I know!

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