Saturday, March 29, 2008

Play hard....or hardly play?

Today is the National Epilepsy Foundation's walk on Washington DC, and my little Crop for the Walk. So today's blog is going to be a little different. I plan to post updates to the same blog all day long. So, if you get this on digest (in your email), then you may want to just log onto my blog's website to catch the updates throughout the day.

At first, I thought I was going to play hard today. But we had 5 overnight guests last night and we stayed up past midnight...and ate most of the chocolate.....which leads me to now believe that we may hardly play at all today....and just end up eating, sharing stories, eating, chatting about life, get my drift? LOL!

My first photos are of the "quiet" studio.....before anyone arrives. Oh, it's so nice and clean it just scares me!!!

We've set up a full body massage chair...and it's heated!

So many make-n-takes planned that I think this little work station will be busy all day long!

I really do believe in total comfort, so another place to get your back massaged and your feet rubbed!

Loads of prizes to giveaway and a HUGE mystery prize for 9 pm!

Each person gets a bunch of tickets....and then they can pick which cup to put all of their tickets in. I'm going to put mine in for the stamp storage system by MSE!

And I believe in staying connected, so a desktop and 3 one has an excuse to miss a single email today!

The diecut station is ready to go. 3 Wizards, a Big Kick, Cuttlebug, Sidekick and Bind-it-all. My we have all the toys to play with or once again...will we hardly play?

3:17 pm. My gosh...the day is just flying by! So amazing!!! We learned how to do collage stamping and I have step shots and will blog that tomorrow:

So keep this page up and just hit your refresh button. I probably won't upload again until lunch or shortly after that. Just depends on how much we play....or if we just sit here and gab all day!

There's a quiet roar going on right now as we're doing a make-n-take using opals and more opals...this is Rose moving that hand fast and furious!

Peggy is hanging on to one of our guest puppies!

Shannon's first time here and she obviously fits in quite well!

Ginni hanging on to the other guest puppy! Now tell me they are not getting their fair share of attention today! LOL!

And Kathleen.....showing off the fun haircut her 11 year old granddaughter gave her.....we all thought it just fit her personality perfectly!!!

I am just not doing well posting today....I guess that means I'm playing hard!!!

7:24 pm and SIX whole pizza's, a crockpot of queso and 3 tubs of cookies and candy later......

Well, I think we are all stuffed. I can sense the mood is trying to slow down....but our minds just won't let us. The chatter is non-stop. My wonderful neighbor Bo, baked us brownies so in turn, a few of us made her some thank you cards (I have amazing neighbors who love it when I have play days.....especially when it's all for a charity!)

I showed the girls how to sponge-ink pewter using a Spellbinders edgeability die that I cut up. Then I turned that element into my card for Bo:

Shelly did a make-n-take using "thirds" and this is the card she made for Bo:

And Ginni made this card for her:

Here's Laura....I think she's having a bit too much fun!

And I just don't think Shelly is having any fun at all!

And that Kathy! Just having the worst time of her life! LOL!

And my sis, Colleen....doing some rather tedious paper cuts I'd say!

What a mess. Surely a bit different than when I took a photo this morning. We still have more make-n-takes, more raffles, and the big prize coming up at 9 pm! It's valued at $90.00.....I can hardly wait to see who wins! We still have a ton of fun coming up and I hope to blog one more time tonight!

Another thank you card:

The guest puppies sleeping on the cute!

And then Kathy taught us how to do paper quilting cards....they are just lovely!

inked and stamped:

emobssed and inked:

And then Shelly showed us how to make "thirds" cards:

uninked, but still so cute!

Well, I think this is my last blog today. Oh....Rose won the big prize at 9 was a Cuttlebug system. That was a separate raffle and we raised over $100 more and this money went to Women's Breast Cancer. Another wonderful cause!!!

What an incredibly fun day....all for two fabulous causes....good food, good friends, good fun.

So, did I play hard....or did I hardly play? I think I truly played hard today!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I wish I were there with you all! Looking forward to seeing pictures of a bustling studio! Peggy

Jody B said...

Well, it looks like you are all having fun but it should all be going on in Kingman.