Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Being a bit ornery!

What can I say? It's just who I am! LOL! My dear friend, Linda, is currently writing a book about flower arranging. Now, that's a topic that I used to struggle with. I could never get my flower arrangements to look right.

And then I quit trying!

Literally. I just quit trying. I decided it's not how the flowers are arranged, it's what they go into and what they sit next to. For instance....this gorgeous vase would make any arrangement look great. I just added some velvet flocked flowers, some silk stems....all things that I pick up at garage sales from time to time.

And a touch of cotton grass that I picked in a field in Alaska in 1981. Yes...I do tend to keep everything.

This arrangement gets more comments than anything in my house. It's an old antique tub....and I literally just stick stems down in it when I find something that I like and think I might like to use on a scrapbook page sometime down the road.

Well, the problem is that it now looks like a bucket filled with wild flowers....

and it gets so many comments that I just have to leave it as it is!

This...I truly love. One of mom's unframed watercolor paintings on her easel. And then I found these 3 ft tall stems to go next to it.

Behind it are the wood letters to spell "oh la la" and it just seems to be perfect.

I have had this arrangement for almost 20 years now. I bought it out of the window of an antique shop in San Diego.

It sits high on a shelf under another of mom's paintings. Proof to me that no matter how long you have flowers...they remain timeless!

Flower arranging? Sort of like arranging elements on a scrapbook page or journal cover. It's what looks good to your eye and the harder you try, the harder it becomes. Sometimes...it's just more about tossing them into a vase and then deciding where to put them. I used to hate flower arranging. But nowadays...it's one of my favorite things to do. But take a second look...it's what is next to them, around them, and what they are in that really makes the arrangement pop. Sort of like us as indiviuals...it's what's in us, around us and what we are in that makes us stand out as human beings in this life!

Now Linda, feel free to write that in your book! Arranging flowers.....a bit like arranging one's life!

OK, I promise I won't be ornery tomorrow!!!!


Margie H said...

Jen,I totally stink at flower arranging! LOL! My mother has been after me for years to take IKEBANA (Japanese form of flower arranging). I tried it once and was told it looked like deer antlers (sp?) coming out of my arrangement...well, that was the end of my passion for the art! LOL!!!

Jen Lowe said...

Margie, you must try it my way....by not trying at all. Let the right side of your brain take over...just stick the stems down in a vase and let go! Trust me...it works!