Sunday, January 13, 2008

Penny & Potter

Mom has 2 "new" cats. This one she named "Penny" because she is not worth one red cent!

And this one she named "Potter" because it sleeps in a clay pot:

I just thought that was so very funny! So I had to write a poem:

Penny and Potter
came to mom's to play
I have to wonder
How long they will stay

Penny is worthless
Just sleeps all day long
Potter is funny
Pot-sleeping is wrong!

Entertaining mom
Is what they do best
After watching them
We all need a rest!

Penny and Potter....
they know how to play
We should take lessons
and join them today!!!

And of course, when you have photos, a poem and a "title".....well, you might as well put it all together and make a layout!

Yep, yet another digital layout using Scrapper's Guide products and a few fun brushes I've found online.

Penny & Potter
are sleeping today,
but I have to ask....
are you gonna play?

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