Sunday, January 20, 2008

I love my Lucy!!!

Lucy? Lucy Who?
Lucy McGoo!
that's who

She dares to explore,
Experiment and play
It's a part of her,
It's the "lucy" way

She has a lab
and a studio, too
She never knows
what she's going to do

A bit of this
a dash of that
things from the garden
even hair from her cat!!!

She conjures, she brews,
her muse has gone wild
She inks up her coffin
Her friends are beguiled!

She plays all day long,
You can be her friend
The world is her palette
The journey doesn't end

She sees Pooh in the clouds
Tigger is inked in the road
Green eggs and ham?
She will emboss a toad!

She makes her life
a work of art
She lives her passion
Right from the start.

Her ankles are purple
Her elbows are green
Her hat even matches
It's the prettiest you've seen!

She's wearing her apron
Her pockets are bulging
With brushes and paints
Lots of glitter and bling!

So a birthday date
or a weekend away
Let's all go play
the "Lucy McGoo" way!!!

Lucy wanders the world
searching for new ways
to make the ordinary
into fun and play

Thanks to my wonderful best friends, Torrey & Jody, who helped make some of these samples for After Midnight Stamps.

And thanks to Linda who made it possible for me to design stamps to play with. She also is the distributor for our Wonder Goo.

So, Lucy McGoo
She's the child in you
Let her out to play
Every single day!!!


Gerrie said...

OMG GF, coffins and toads! I wanna be your VBF! snicker LOL

Jen Lowe said...

Gerri, forgot to mention that I have a LucyMcGoo yahoo group where about 100 of my VBFs play....and we talk a lot about inking coffins and embossing toads! Come join!