Sunday, January 27, 2008

Anna 1930

If you want to know what inspires me....then read Anna 1930, - mom is blogging!

I love to read her stories because they will trigger a memory long hidden away. And with the memories come new ideas to design new things!

I love to see her paintings because they inspire me to do even more.

I love to know that she loves Jehovah.

So if you start reading her blog now, you will then have an idea of things I might decide to do in the future! Could I recreate that tractor? What could I do with that gorgeous sunset? Such yummy colors! Which one of her stories will I scrap for the grandkids I don't have?

Life really is a circle!

1 comment:

Ron said...

Jen, I love your mom's blog! How wonderful to read about all the things she remembers from childhood. I'm adding her to the list of blogs I check out regularly!