Friday, December 21, 2007

Making dreams come true

I absolutely love to make a child's dream come true! Kerry's granddaughter came to visit a few weeks ago and informed us that she really wanted a very specific doll....but she must have her own jammies and slippers! Kids can be so cute when they know exactly what they want! So, Grandpa ordered it...and you can tell from the look on her face, she's not the least bit disappointed!

I love it that this child knew exactly what she wanted, described it perfectly down to the very outfit the doll needed. I think somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we lose the ability to articulate exactly what we want. Or perhaps we just don't know any more what it is that we want! Take a moment and think back to when you were a child. What was your dream? Did it come true? If not, why not make it come true now?

This is only my second ever digital layout. So I still feel like my brain is stretching, trying to squeeze in more new stuff. I used paper from Scrappers Guide again, but this time, I changed the colors to meet my wants. Sort of fun!

May all your dreams come true...and may you journal, scrap, record and save the memories of moments like this!


Zeborah said...

Uh oh Jen,
You are in trouble now. Do you have any idea how many really cute things there are for the American Girl dolls?
You will spend a small fortune on supplying that doll with everything imaginable. She will end up having her own pile of presents under the tree every year.
My DIL has the one her parents bought her when she was little.
I cannot resist buying things for that doll. And MAKING things. *sigh*
But hey- you will come up with lots of cool things to make for 18 inch dolls. Keep me posted. LOL

Jen Lowe said...

Oh, but being in trouble is just so much fun! Those who knew me in high school might remember I was a bit of a rebel rouser. Still the same today!

Shall we make paper shoes for 18" dolls? That could be fun!!!

Linda Peterson Designs said...

OK...NO FAIR...YOU JUST STARTED DIGI SCRAPPIN AND YOU ARE ALREADY THIS GOOD????? This is one seriously awesome layout. If I didnt know any better I wouldn't know it was digital. Fantastic job! Hugs! Linda