Thursday, December 20, 2007

Brain stretching?

Well, that's how I feel this I'm stretching my brain beyond it's capacity! I'm learning photoshop and Illustrator, iweb, html, and all kinds of technical stuff. So I decided....why not try digital scrapping? OK, OK, OK....I swore I would never do this...but hey! mom said, "Never say never!"

This is my first ever attempt at digital scrapbooking and I just could not resist. We put coat and antlers on our puppies yesterday and snapped their photos and they just looked so they just wanted to know "WHY?"

I have to confess....I have subscribed to The Scrappers Guide. They just make it so easy! And I don't have Photoshop Elements...I'm using what they teach with my Photoshop works just fine! I love the online videos...but have only had time to watch 3 of them! Just think what I can do when I learn the rest of this!

Poor Katie and Men. They are such good puppies. I wonder why on earth I do things like this to them? Well, they don't like the antlers, but they do love their new winter coats! Men growls when I take his off and Katie will run and hide under hers.

So if I go off the deep end and start digi scrapping everything...we will just blame it on the puppies! In the meantime, I think I'll see what I can learn new today and stretch my brain just a little bit more!

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Sharon said...

Oh Jen your babies look sooooo cute!!! Men reminds me of a chihuahua stay who adopted us when I was in Junior High. We called him Boy Dog. Didn't want to name him 'cause didn't want to keep him. I think he lived with my parents for over 10 years before he passed...of old age. ~giggle~