Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Live and in person from OZARK MISSOURI!!!

OK, I always called it "the Ozarks" and never really knew there was an "Ozark MO"! And I also always thought it was called Missouri because of the misery you were in when you were here! LOLOL!!!!

This is one of the most gorgeous places on the face of the earth. Even this late in the year! We took a little drive today along a winding creek bed, natural springs coming out of rocks, trees bending to meet each other in the center of the road...absolutely beautiful! Did I have my camera with me? Of course not!!!

After a trip to Walmart, Goodwill, and Lowes we were set for the day! Don't you know that is the perfect way to start every crafter's day????

We started today with Friendly Plastic. I NEVER thought that stuff was a bit "friendly" but after today, I'm starting to think it has some real possibilities. Yes, I've worked with it. I made a full sized mask, pins, even filled bottlecaps with it. But today....with Lindy Lou...ahhhhhh!!! Sweet peace has come between me and this stuff....I can actually see the possibilities of working with it and having fun. I'm working on a journal cover that I will share as soon as it's done. With what other than scrapperdashery paper, friendly plastic, some metal mesh.....and whatever we decide to play with tomorrow.

So, nearly 12 hours later...I was truly going to do another tutorial on diecuts...but ummm....NOT tonight! I'm here to play....NOT work!!! spend a whole day playing with a friend!!! When is the last time you indulged yourself in such sheer luxury? Ok...for me, um, it was last Friday when I spent the whole day playing with Torrey & Dian. Hmmmm...maybe I am just a little bit spoiled!

Life is good! :o)

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