Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Mom asked me the other day if I had a blog for aging. I said, "no" thinking to myself, "I'm NOT old!"

And then this morning, I was thinking that thought, "I'm so excited I could pee my pants!!!" and realized that as I age....that might just not be the best expression to use! LOLOL!

But it just fits. It's the expression I have used all my life to proclaim my ultimate excitement over an impending event!

My bags are packed! I've checked my lists not once, not twice, but THREE times! I think I have everything! I know I have way too much, I even shipped a box of goodies to play with! In just a few minutes....I'm off to catch a plane to fly to the Ozarks to spend the next few days with my dear friend, LINDA PETERSON!!!!!

I am so excited....ok, I HAVE to say it....I could just pee my pants!!!! LOLOL!

Linda is my creative muse. She is my guru. From the moment I first met her on board a cruise ship where we were teaching...she has just made me laugh. And to top it all off, she is probably my biggest cheerleader! She is always encouraging me to do the things that I do and to keep on playing!

So, a whole week to play???? I may just not survive it. My only warning has been that there will be NO sleep! LOLOL!!!

BUT....there is more! I'm sitting here on pins and needles waiting for my kiln to cool. I've made my first attempt to fashion a dichroic glass bracelet! What a completely scary thing. From the gal who said she would never have a kiln in her home...I've now fired it to 1250F, taken the lid off, stuck my gloved hands in there with tongs and fashioned a bracelet of glass on a mandrel!

Talk about heart attack city!!!

Maybe I should go back to living on a farm and cleaning horse stalls! Probably a whole lot safer!


OK....15 more minutes and I can run to the studio and check to see if the kiln is cool enough to take the bracelet out. Of course, I plan to add silver to it...the silver is already done!!! And yes, I will finish the diecut tutorial....but it might not get posted until tomorrow as I'm driving from Kansas City to Ozark MO tonight!!!

Hey Linda....Hey Lindy Lou!!! Are you ready for me???? And no...I don't need depends yet....but I really am just so excited I could........


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