Wednesday, November 14, 2007

LinJeneering - our first product!

Yes....already! What is LinJeneering?'s Linda Peterson and Jen Lowe engineering things that you are going to want/need in our Labora-torrey (Torrey Scott)!!!

When I was in the Ozarks last week visiting with Linda, we came up with this concept and as we were talking about all our ideas, I quietly sat there making notes of the "things" that Linda needed! Little did she know that when I went to "bed" at night, I was actually sitting up sketching my ideas and writing out all my notes!

Sorry Linda!!!

So, she was using a Milwaukee heat gun to heat Friendly Plastic and melt designs into it. It's rather difficult to have one hand holding the heat gun when you need 2 hands working the plastic! So, here you have it....our heat gun stand! Just visualize you can put any size of block below this to custom size the distance you want from the tip of the gun to the item you are heating! And now....both hands are "free" to move the object around as you apply heat.

I could hardly stand to have a "wood" thing in my studio! LOL! So, the next step was to paint it white.

And you know I'm not about to leave that alone, so of course, I've used my line of rubber stamps, Lucy McGoo, to decorate my stand!

Colorful and functional.....LinJeneered!!!

Lucy McGoo stamps and sentiments done in Ranger Archival black ink. Ranger's Distress inks used to color the wood.

Lucy dances, Lucy plays....and Lucy is an angel!!!

So, as usual, this is a copyrighted idea. Keep that in mind!

Just email me for more information on how to get your very own personalized, LinJeneered heat gun stand. And yes, your Marvy heat tool will fit into this just fine!!!

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