Friday, November 9, 2007


Ah…it is just so good for the soul. Linda and I have been laughing so hard. So hard she was in tears and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of her runny mascara. How wonderful is it when you can laugh til the tears flow? What was so funny? I just can’t say because “what happens at Linda's....stays at Linda's!!!

I had the incredible opportunity yesterday to teach Linda something she didn’t know. WHAT??? Yep!!! And what a treat! It was a rare moment with her sitting on the “student” side of the table as I taught her the basic principles of metal clay.

OK…can I say that again??? I was Linda Peterson’s TEACHER!!! LOLOL!!! I must admit that she was an excellent student (outside of all the horseplay and laughter) and I think the world can look forward to some absolutely incredible pieces of jewelry coming from an awesome artist! We were able to create 6 pieces of jewelry between trips to town, hunts for raspberry leaves (it is the middle of November!) and a few other "incidences" that occupied our day!

Here’s a simple pendant where we rolled out the clay, stamped in another layer of clay, and created a bezel that we will fill with polymer clay or Friendly Plastic of something once the piece is fired.

This was created using a Paula Best stamp….a rather funky face with a CZ stuck in the “eye”. A rolled bail top with stars added to match the eye.

Four tiny little charms that will be layered and stacked with beads…just for the fun of it all. Maybe they will become a mini charm bracelet….only time will tell!

And another pendant with a piece of dichroic glass tucked inside. Most of these will be fired here and then I’ll post the finished pieces as these are all in their greenware state. These are mine…you’ll have to watch Linda’s blog to see what she creates out of today’s pieces that she designed.

All I can say is stay tuned….the world of metal clay is about to be awakened!!!

In addition to all that, I was able to do a bit more work with Friendly Plastic today. This is the beginning of an interactive journal that I’m putting together. The 2 hearts loop together to form the closure of this journal. The paper was embossed using a Sizzix texture plate, inked with Ranger’s distress ink, and decoupaged over chipboard hearts to give it strength.

Now, with all that creating going on, we still went to a quaint little tea room in an antique shop for lunch and out for pizza at dinner with yet another stop at Walmart. We needed Cat Meow. Nope, not for the kitten….it’s for tomorrow’s experiments!!!

Stay tuned….I think you will be amazed at how Cat Meow enters into the craft world!!! I’m sure it will bring you just a little more laughter. My advice? Don’t wear mascara!!!

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