Friday, October 19, 2007

Coloring your life

I just love what you can do with photoshop. And sometimes old photos in black and white are just boring. But when you add color, it can totally change how you look at the past.

I think it brings things into perspective, makes the photo more interesting....but most of all, it makes you study the photo and you will see things that you never noticed before. For instance, I never noticed that my hand is not's tucked up inside my snowsuit. That's my Aunt Jean behind me and I'd love to know what color her shoes were. Notice I have no feet? Well, I'm just hopeing my shoes are also tucked up inside my snowsuit!!! There's a chipped brick in the backgound....things like that. It also makes you woner what color we were really wearing. The colors of the early 50s were more dull than the colors we have today, I can only guess at what they actually were.

If you don't have photoshop, you can always color with inks, chalks, markers, oils....I just think adding color to the past brings it into the present and adds life to whatever you are working with. Color your life....make it something you never knew it could be!

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