Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bringing life to childhood photos!

I'm not very good with animation, but I had so much fun the very first time I tried it. And I just thought..oh! if there were more pictures of us as little girls, I could bring us to life! I don't think anyone has any videos of us as kids....but this is a "second best"!

In the mid 50s, we played with tin can phones, our dolls, and kitty cats. We really didn't have much stuff back then, but we sure did have fun!!!

In this layout, I took mini cans, added a rope and created our original tin can phones on top of the photo.

I have always loved lumpy, 3D, textural projects. This is one of the very first Layouts that I created and I think it's a good indication of where my style started....and how far it's come. Not very far! I still like lumpy, 3D, textural projects....I just tend to make more of my own background papers these days.

The background on this more recent project was created by painting Ranger's new one-step crackle paint on chipboard, heating it, then adding layers of distress ink over it. The very same process was used on the wood frame on the left.

If I can't animate a photo digitally, then I will "animate" it on the layout by adding texture, dimension, depth....notice the little car sitting on the wood frame? "I said, don't smile"....such a fun, fun project!

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