Sunday, October 21, 2007

all the artists hands

I love photographing the hands of artists. On this particular day, I was teaching mom's art club how to make hand made paper. I've used a bit of it in the background, but mostly just wanting to remember the day when all these fabulous artists sat out under the apple trees, sketching what they saw, then going inside to paint on mom's tables.

I'm sitting here sketching the mountains that I see
and the more that I sketch, the better they will be.
I can't begin to draw the beauty I behold
But one day my design will surely be sold!!!

Well, mom sold more than just a few of her paintings, but she has given away even more. My home is filled, wall to wall, with these gorgeous original pieces of art....that inspire me to conitinue to create.

Take a moment out of your life and just look at the hands of an artist. They "speak" volumes if your eyes will listen to them!

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