Monday, December 3, 2018

The iKross for my Workbox3.0

I just got an iKross and installed it in my Workbox3.0.  I absolutely love it.  It frees up my workspace and holds my iPad at eye level.  I think it's perfect!

It folds up almost flat against the workbox.  I centered it right under the middle drawer.

 This is the slot that the stand goes in.  It came with 2 holders and I bought 2 extra as I plan to mount one next to my bed, one under a kitchen cabinet.....maybe even on beside the bath tub!  LOL!

You can take the stand out of the holder and use it on your table, or desk, or anywhere.

And it will pull out quit aways from the workbox shelves just in case you want to watch a video up close.  I think I can also use this to create youtube videos.....if I ever get enough time.

It's going to be perfect for watching how-to videos or Hallmark movies on youtube while I get crafty.

Here's a link to the one I bought on Amazon....but there are other versions as well.  Just google i-pad 12" wall holder.

I also cut a Joann's self-healing cutting pad to the size of my workspace just for added protection.

To the left, you will see that I've attached a Tonic Studio's Table Tidy with the 2-pocket Tidy and the Tiny Tidy.   Just some more table height storage.....must keep my workspace clear!

Very happy with today's addition to my Workbox3.0.

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Hope you've had a crafty day!

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KathyD said...

I saw this post and decided I just might need a ikross for my Workbox 3.0.
Santa heard me and now I am reading instructions as to how to attach it. Thank you for your blog because, it was so very helpful.
Merry Christmas