Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Enjoy the little things.....like cheesecake!

This journal is 4" thick and only 4 pages.  It was so much fun to make.  All Graphic 45 paper.  It's a gift for a very dear friend who happens to own Creative Impressions.  See if you can find her product!

I'll help you get started....on the cover I've used her buttons, flowers, ribbon and twine.  A total of 10 items....can you find all of them??  The ribbons were "dyed" to match the project.  

Here's a view of it standing up.  Loads of pockets, tags, flip-outs.  You could spend an hour or so exploring this!  My kind of journal!

 And this is what it looks like opened up.  Yep, lots of blank pages.  I'll let her decide what goes where!

Here's the first page with the flap folded in.  As you can see, she could add photos, recipes, or just write about what she's baking today!  Be sure to click on each photo if you want to see a larger view!

This is the same page, but with the flap opened out.

Page 2....each page has a flip-out, but each one is slightly different.  I do love this paper filled with cupcakes, donuts, roses and forget-me-nots.  And I happen to love the peach and turquoise colors.

On this flip-out, I used a glassine envelope - you can almost see through it.

Page 3 - the left square with writing - that will also flip out to the left, so a double flip-out page!

Here it is with the right flip opened out.  Another pocket for a recipe.  Yum!

Page 4 - I like the idea of a 4-cube page so you could add 4 recipes, 4 notes, 4 photos.

This flip out has a recipe holder on both the front and the back.

And the back page....2 flip-up recipe card holders on the left and a large pocket on the right with tags as inserts.

A quick view of all the tags.

This didn't get created overnight, but it's definitely been a fun project to work on.  I dearly love the papers, the colors,  the flips, folds, and the fun!  And I just decided that I need to include mom's cheesecake recipe so must run jot that down!  This gets delivered tomorrow!!!


memorybookmom said...

Beautiful! So creative and useful at the same time!

Unknown said...

Wow! I love it!

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