Monday, March 20, 2017

Take a walk with me

Funny...3 years ago I bought these shoes at the Columbia store here in Jerusalem.  They worked so well. I pack them away after every trip and only wear them when I come back here.  I did buy 2 more pair and have worn holes in one pair and have nearly worn out the last pair.  Will these survive the rest of this trip?


We wake up at 4 am to the clanging of church bells and the competition of the muslim calls.  Try very hard to snooze after that.  Today we went in search of breakfast at 7:30 am.  Nothing was open.  Everything is closed. It looks so empty compared to the bustle of the day.  


So we went back to the apartment until 10 am.  That's when the shops begin to open.


In all of our trips here, we have yet to see this. Fountain in operation.  But it's a good spot to find restaurants - in the Christian Quarter


We asked for an omelette with no tomatoes.  They made it completely plain and I know we were still too early as we were served day old pita.  Still, I don't think we left a crumb behind!


So we found a place for breakfast dessert.  Looks great, huh?  HARD as a rock!  LOL!!  I think we have had more food "adventures" than anything else.  A pretty typical day for us!


Across the way is a rooftop restaurant that we missed last time.  I'm determined to eat there yet.  3 flights of steps up, so not today!


At 11 am we had booked an English speaking tour of the David Citidel.  We have visited this place on every trip.


This is the glass chandelier in the entry way.  If you don't look up, you will miss it.

Sometimes I think the perspective is missing so I had April stand in the entrance.  A palace for sure.


But here's the thing.  As with everything here - this is not where Jesus would have walked.  This is not where David was.  This has all been rebuilt.  It's the archeological digs that are proving to us that it was most likely layers below where we walk today.


I love to walk past a tour group and here the guide say, "you are walking in the footsteps of Jesus" and I can't help but think he's another horrible guide.  Maybe that's why I'm so fascinated with the archeology's what we don't yet know that I love.

Nevertheless, this is a huge palace.  When reconstructed in the medieval times, it had a working moat...for a hundred years or so and that was all.


We climbed up to the highest point and took photos around the Old City.  That's Jaffa gate in the middle of the pic.


And this is inside the palace looking up towards where we were


From the top, you can see the top of Temple Mount

Notice the seats?  We will return tonight at 9:30 pm to see the light show.  This is the one thing I would recommend you see if you come.  We can't take photos...but it is spectacular!!


We left Jaffa gate and headed up this long hill to the light rail which we rode to the very end.  That's the Mount Herzog stop.  Yad Vashem and the Holocaust Museum are here.


A very peaceful forest 


Many art statues

Above the children's memorial

Right on top


And inside.  One candle reflected into mirrors creating 1,500,000 flickering lights to remember each of the 1,500,000 children who perished.  Each name, age and location is spoken.  It will take 4 years to,read the list and then they start over.

This is a place I visit every trip.


From here we took the light rail to the market place


Yet another food adventure!  We asked for a pizza.  When the guy put the dough in a skillet and flipped it like a pancake I began to worry!!!


Our next hike was off to find two different art supply stores.  Amazingly we found both of them.  Disappointed that they stock identical brands/products as Meiningers or Guirys.  Still, interesting to visit both of them.


From there, we walked down Ben Yehudah street.  It used to be known for its Judaica stores.  I feel like it has turned into a tourist trinket place, but there are still a few nice shops.


From there, we walked home.  Back to where we started at the David Citidel


It was 4 pm and we had walked 7.5 miles.  Tonight is the "Sounds of the Old City" and they are setting up for it.  We have tickets to the light show at the Citidel and will walk past many of these stages that are being set up on just about every corner.  It's bound to be a festive evening.  Not done yet with walk.  Maybe next time you can come take a walk with me!


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