Sunday, March 5, 2017

We took a walk....

And 8 miles later we were back in our apartment in Tel Aviv.  What a day of exploring and a little shopping.  Started out with a trip to the market.


This market covers several city blocks and includes everything from pots and pans, pharamacies, fabric stores, art need a full day or more to explore this area.  We walked down King George street and found a sunglass shop where I was able to replace the Oakleys that broke on the trip over.


You truly had to just stop and smell the fragrant air when you came to this strawberry stand!  It was delicious!!


We arrived about 8 am and they don't really open until 10.  


From there we found a cell phone store.  Sadly I had to get a new number for my Israeli phone.  One more trip and I might get that whole aspect figured out!!!

We came open this cute fixture on the beach.  Kids loved him!


On the far north end we hiked to the top of an area to get a view heading south along the beach.  Told ourselves we are preparing for the 120 steps at the Western Wall!


Spectacular view of this very modern city.


By then it was time for lunch and we ordered way too much.  It takes a bit to get used to the quantities they serve.  That amount of humus would last me 2 weeks at home!  On the left are what they called chicken nuggets.  Gigantic!!


Next was the grocery store and on the way we saw these hanging in a window.  Made of painted screws!!  Incredible art.  About 5' tall.  I tried to get the depth...there are's not all flat.


They were behind glass so the reflections are awful.  But that doesn't diminish the art. 


 It's only 3:30 pm, but my feet may be telling me my day is over!  Oh, wait....we still need dinner!!  LOL!!!

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