Monday, March 6, 2017

Making lemonade

Out of lemons!  This has been the funniest trip ever.   Well, you might not see the humor in it - but I do!  By the end of this post, I think you might!

So we started our day renting the car.  It's a Ford Focus much like mine.  Very familiar with it.  Added the GPS WAZE system.  Of course neither of us knew how to work it and we made numerous wrong turns and missed turns between Tel Aviv and Megiddo.   I was so happy that we made it out of Tel Aviv in rush hour traffic!

Tel Megiddo.   Did you know that the word "tel" means layers.  This is an archeology dig that is layers of cities.  From each of the previous eras.  It is fascinating to see.  This is a model of the sight that will give you an idea of how large of a place this was in past days.


This was a well.Technically an open pool....but identified as a well.  

In this shot, I'm inside the gate looking out.  The walls are so thick.  Up on a hilltop with spectacular views.  Once again, we had a very clear day for this adventure.  We were here in 2005 and they continue to make changes.  I don't remember the trails being paved.  


This is up on top looking down inside a "palace".  Hard to fathom that this is what they called a palace.  It makes me wonder when so many people believe that they will live in a "mansion" in we know what the word "mansion" meant when scripture was written.  If this is a palace, then a mansion will be much LESS than this!  Can you imagine sitting on, sleeping on and resting on these stones?  Maybe I'd rather be out working!!!


In the bottom center is a door going into a house.  Very short door.  They built houses on top of houses.


They found underground springs that you can climb down to see. 187 steps down, 77 steps up.  I felt every one of them!  LOL!  The water system was something to see for this period of time.  They dug a 36 meter deep shaft from which a 70-meter long horizontal tunnel extended to the spring.  You can walk down that shaft and through the tunnel today.   The springs look like mud.


The round stone formation in the center is an alter.  Imagine sacrificing your animals on this.  Nothing like the polished wood platforms shown in movies today.  I can't even comprehend the amount of work it took to move all of these stones into place to build this city.  Which actually has numerous layers of previous cities beneath it.  The dig itself is 15 acres.  


A selfie from the top of Megiddo


I fell in love with Roman Glass in 2014 and today at Megiddo - I couldn't resist!



From here we drove to Ein Hod.  This is an artists colony that I have wanted to visit from our first trip in 2005.  Let's just say - it's not what they market it to be.  Everything was closed.  No place open to eat.  We had paid for a room at a B&B.  I think when we saw the blackened bananas in the kitchen that were to be part of our breakfast......we decided to leave and come to Haifa.  Sometimes, you pay for 2 hotels in one night!  We're on the 13th floor.  Gorgeous room.


Spectacular view!  The lemon was the place at Ein Hod.  THIS is the lemonade!!!


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