Thursday, March 30, 2017

Oh! So tired!

I just keep telling myself that I can rest when I can rest when I get home!  So we just keep going!  This morning was our last trip to Temple Mount.  It is such a special place and I'm not sure I could ever visit it enough.  Every single time, I see something that I hadn't seen before.  Just look at the above ground roots on this tree.


I try to talk photos from a different angle each time.....try to get different buildings into the scene.  There are so many buildings up there and most people only photograph the dome of the rock.  This is a row of arches going into a building that would end on top of where the Western Wall is below.


When I get home, I will edit some of these photos....take out the light pole in this one for sure!


Looking north through the arches to the dome:


There are many little pavilions like this - no idea what they are for


From here, we went in to town and met "Jerusalem Jane".  She is a journalist that I have been following on facebook for about 3 years now.  We became FB friends about a year ago.  She loves Israel, loves the Jewish people and has a wonderful story to tell.  My new job is to make sure she writes a book!  I think it would be a best seller!  We talked for nearly 2 hours and it was such a joy just to be with her.  Plus, I learned so much about living here.  She does not have it easy.  But she said, If God wants me here, then I will be here.  And I truly do believe that He works things out if we just follow His will.


It has been just amazing meeting so many people on this trip.  I think I've enjoyed that the most.

From here we went shoe shopping.  Our original intent was to stay in town and then do a tour called "Meet the Ultra Orthodox" as the starting point was in this area.  But after walking over 7 miles, I had to call "uncle".  We decided not to do the tour and had a very late lunch at a Cafe in the building where we got our train passes.  We had eaten there earlier in the week and it was really good.  One of the things I had noticed was that absolutely everyone in the cafe spoke really good English.  So today, I asked the waitress why.  You just don't sit down inside a restaurant and hear everyone speaking in English.

She explained that most of the businesses in this building are owned by a community called King of Kings.  I knew that they were Messianic, and wanted to learn more, so she directed us to an office across the way.  A nice young woman inside gave us quite a bit of information on the community and you can find more at

I didn't find shoes, but it was quite the interesting experience.  The store windows are filled with shoes.  You walk inside, get a clerk, go back outside, point to the shoes you want, then go back inside while they go off to find them.  So, I wear a size 10 and everyone here has itty bitty feet!  Hardly anyone had anything in my size in stock.  Prices ranged from $5 to $100 with not much over that.  Of course, I was looking for something sensible, comfortable, easy to get on and off.....

We walked to Hillel and Betzalel Streets - rather fashion trendy shops.  It was fun to some window shopping and we actually went into some of the stores.  Tiny.  Nothing like in the states.  Some were no more than 200SF.  At first, I thought this was a skirt, but look close, you will see that it is pants!  No, I did not buy them - just found them to be entertaining!


Typical shop window with only 3 dresses to view.  Perhaps it's because rent is so high, the shops are small?  Inventory is quite limited and of course, most sizes are a minus 10!


We've been back in the apartment for a couple of hours and I think my feet are nearly recovered.  But still, I'm oh! So tired!!!

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