Friday, March 31, 2017

A bird in my hair....really!!!

Several months ago, I painted this picture of a woman with a bird nest in her hair.  Was this prophecy????  Little did I know that it almost came true today!


Not the nest, but a bird in my hair!  We went back to Rimon, an upscale restaurant in Mamilla Mall.  We had been there last Friday for the buffet.  It was so good, we went back today.


We had just finished our meal, paid the bill and were waiting for our change when a bird flew in behind me, landed on my head, then my shoulder, then went down behind me!  My natural instinct was to jump up not even knowing what happened.  I remember hearing it's wings fluttering and knew something was on my head, shoulder, then behind me! 

Instanteounsly, April jumped up and 5 or 6 waitresses ran toward us.  I'm sure they saw the bird, but I didn't!  It had flown down behind a tree in a planter and a young guy got it and released it outside.

So I really did have a bird in my hair today and I know no one is going to believe it!  April and I laughed so hard!  What are the chances that of all the people in the restaurant...the bird would land on my head???

I might be done painting birds!!!

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