Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Croque Madame

Pronounced crock madame.  I had never had this before.  Eggs on challah bread.  It was part of our great food adventure since we arrived.  So yummy!!  At Hana, a place on Jaffa street just outside the market.


A young Israeli waitress sat down beside us and struck up a conversation with us.  I loved chatting with her.  She was so curious about life in the US and we were equally curious about her life here.  I thanked her boss for allowing her to spend breakfast with us.  It just made for a wonderful experience.

Needed a few things at the market, then off to find the Great   Synagogue.  We are busy doing things we have never done before and this was on the list.  


The stained glass from the outside doesn't show at all, but it is spectacular from the inside!


Then there are numerous side panels


A closeup of the front window.



We headed back to the apartment to unload our groceries and we passed a shop that literally called me inside.  LOL!  I own one dress.  But now I own 2! It is actually 2 dresses and goes well over jeans, pants, or leggings.  So why did I buy it?  We've been invited to share the Cotopaxi story yet again this Shabbat and I wanted something a little dressier to wear.  It will be in an orthodox Jewish home.  I think this will work just fine!  But not sure where I will wear it once I get back home!


After a short rest, we headed back out to the Dominan Abney, Upper Room and St Peters Church.

I always wondered why the Upper Room was empty when all the other monuments are full.  But then I decided it doesn't matter as this room was built several hundred years after Christ was here.  It's just another possible location.


The mosaic work in the paintings at St Peters is fairly impressive.


But this 3D carved door impressed me the most!  You can actually shake that hand.


We ended up walking over 7 miles today but I think I still gained 4 pounds after eating the Croque Madame!  Just another incredible day in Jerusalem!

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mto said...

I LOVE that dress! I'll buy it from you, LOL.