Monday, February 27, 2017

Packing light!

Heading to Israel for 5 1/2 weeks with only a 22" wheeled backpack and a daypack that zips to it.  People often ask me how I can do that so I thought I'd share a few. Things I've learned in my travels.  


First....there are no extras!  If I really need it, I will buy it there.  I am using the Eagle Creek system and while I have used the "cubes" for years, I now have the luggage that they will fit down into - perfectly.  This bag does not expand.  It is guaranteed to fit in that thing at the check in counter that they never make you put your bag down into.  And the backpack is guaranteed to fit under the seat in front of you.  You can't expand it either!


These are the cubes that fit down inside.  Some will expand a little, some won't.  They come in full, half, quarter cubes with a wallaby makeup bag and several smaller bags.

My past experience on numerous trips is that when TSA has opened my bags and seen these cubes, they zip it back shut.  Not once have they taken anything out.  I think they think if I'm this organized......they aren't about to mess me up!  LOL!!!

I use mostly half and quarter cubes.  In the bottom, I have 2 half cubes that are holding:

4 pair of pants
3 long sleeve shirts
4 t-shirts
1 long sleeve t-shirt
1 dressy vest
2 scarves
7 or socks/undies, etc

So my clothes take up half the suitcase.

I have a 1/8 cube that contains my power converter and a power strip.  There's a shoe cube - but no shoes in it!  I bought a heating pad last trip over and I'm taking it back, so that cube has the heating pad, an umbrella, and a sea-to-summit daypack that compresses to smaller than fist size.  (I love sea-to-summit products!)

There's a wallaby bag with all my makeup/bath stuff.  And an e-tools bag.  My latest purchase.


You can't tell, but in this little bag, I have:

My pocket overhead projector and adapter
Camera battery charger
Lifeprint printer, 110 photo sheets, the charger
All the adapters needed to give my presentation
Pen light and stylus.

Yes!  I gave in and bought the lifeprint printer at Apple and we'll see how it works!  The photos are tiny....2" x 3"....but it's perfect for my 3x5" journal.

In between the cracks I've stuffed my mini paint kit, some crystal light packs for water bottles, boat shoes (they are totally flat), extra shoe inserts, map, travel documents, and vitamins for 37 days.

In my daypack, I have what I think I will need on the flights over:

Tens pack, charger, pads
Blow up pillow
Blow up back support
Power chargers and extension cord
Lightweight jacket
Night mask/ear plugs
Liquids in the 1 oz bag inside a waterproof Eagle cube
Tens pack
Motion relief band

What have I forgotten?

And yes, I'm still testing how to blog with a camera and iPad.  Trying a new app for this.  If I can, tomorrow I will blog how to pack your 1 quart liquids bag.  I always thought the 3-1-1 meant 3 items under 1 oz each in 1 bag.  Well, I'll start by saying it pays to do a little research!  LOL!!!


Jean Hilton said...

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!?! I'm talking about me!

Auntie Watson said...

I am ALWAYS amazed at what you do and don't even remember how much I have learned from you, my friend. Safe travels!