Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Packing tight (#2) Go tubbs, toobs and TSA

Two years ago, there were 4 of us, so we put a bag under and had all our liquids in it.  This trip - no extra bag!  But first - my literal interpretation of the TSA 3-1-1 rule.

That's the photo on TSA.gov.  So I have always thought it was 3 bottles in 1 bag, 1 per person!  Jokes on me!  But still.....how am I supposed to get all the liquids, gels, and such in a quart bag???  I mean....makeup alone for this old face is going to require 3 bags!  LOL!!!

So I've been doing a little on-line shopping and research.  And I'm pretty happy with what I found.

12 items in my 1 qt bag!


These are called "go tubbs" and I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond.  About 1/2 oz.  Perfect for makeup.

These are 3 oz "go toobs" and they will remain empty until I get there.  These are for shampoo/conditioner.  Guaranteed not to leak.  My 4th trip using these.  Haven't had a spill yet!


These are neoprene bottles from REI.  1 oz leakproof.  My first time trying them out.  But a good in-between size.  You can see in the upper left corner....I label everything!


From a camping store - these are "soap sheets". And this is my 3rd trip using these - they last forever!  50 sheets per tiny 1" case.  And they don't count as liquid as they are "sheets".


Somewhere in my shopping, I picked up 100 of these deep woods off sheets.  I remember our first trip to Masada was in September and the bugs were horrible.  Everyone in the group wanted my wipe.  Unfortunately, I had only taken 1 with me that day.  I also find the Shout wipes are great for when you spill something on your clothes.  These are about 2" long and don't count as liquids.  I just put them in tiny jewelry zip bags so they don't roll all over the bag I have them in.


So I have makeup, toothpaste, motion band lotion, eye drops, chapstick in my quart bag.  Anything else liquid - I'll buy when we arrive.


And all that goes down inside a waterproof Eagle Creek bag.  Along with a folding toothbrush, airborne, and a few other things I might need on the flight over.

Next up is the converter.  So, the converter requires an adapter and all the outlets everywhere in Israel are on the middle of the wall.  I could never get my converter to stay put.  So here's what we rigged up:

The converter, a pre-cut piece of foam - the kind you use in a bouquet of flowers.  Some duct tape and the adapter.


When we get there, I will duct tape the foam to the converter, put the adapter in, and from the photo, I hope you can see that this will then fit snugly against the wall and not fall out!  I think it's pretty ingenious.  We did this for the first time last year and had no problem with our converters.  :)


It's 2 yards of duct tape, 2" wide, rolled up into a tiny tube that will fit down almost anywhere.  Use it to repair damaged luggage, shoes...ok, I think it should be a mandatory travel item!

So that's today's ideas for packing light.  What do you think?  Just sharing how we take so much in such tiny spaces.  Tomorrow I'll show you how we pack our clothes tight!

23 hours until we leave for the airport!  I suppose I should explain that we don't live next door to the airport - it will take us 3 hours to get to parking.  Then we will shuttle to the airport.  And we need to be there a couple hours early, but since it's the end of the day, we might get there a little before that.  I'd rather go and wait than get caught up in Denver rush hour traffic!

As for blogging from this iPad.  Hmmmm....they do not make it easy to get photos from your iPhone to the iPad.  I ended up emailing them to myself!  I tried iCloud, iTunes.....nothing worked.  So now I will sit here and google settings to see what I need to do.  But this was a pretty good test for a blog with a lot of images.  Another successful test!

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Great ideas! Fantastic explanation and examples. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.