Saturday, September 21, 2013

What does your eye see?

There was this lamp at Hobby Lobby and it was half off, but I didn't like it.  I didn't like the stark white shade or the silver post.  But I bought it anyway.  You know, it was half off!!!  LOL!!

In my "mind's eye", I could see it completely different!

So, did you know you can spray paint a lamp shade?  It works just perfectly and is a great way to revive an old, dusty, stained lampshade!  But this was brand new and white and I just used a can of spray paint.  Looks a bit like burlap.

For the stem of the lamp, I sprayed it black matte, then I hand painted some acrylic turquoise paint and wiped it off before it dried so the black showed through.  Next I spritzed it with water, then used Krylon's mirror paint to get the silver look.  It is so shimmery and is simply perfect now!!!

The bird below was hot pink!  Seriously - neon hot pink.  Same technique as the lamp and now I just love it!

I made the sign using my cricut as a template.

Wrapped jute and hot glued flowers to old spindles:  (and the mason jar above)

and my little lamp corner is complete!

If you had seen this lamp at Hobby Lobby, would your eye have seen this?  Mine did.....and I have to wonder why!  Seems these days, I never look at things the way they are....but at how they could become!  I simply love living in an artist's world!

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Neet said...

Fab make overs Jen - love the display corner.
Neet xx