Friday, September 6, 2013

Restoring doll hair

This is an American Girl Doll - I think it is Samantha....and her hair was completely frizzed out.     I forgot to take a photo, but you can imagine.....  At first I thought I was going to have to cut it off.  But I decided to try an old doll technique on a new doll...and it seems to have worked!

I used old tiny permanent rods like Grandma used to set her hair.  Be sure to use the tissues for the ends.  I rolled them up the shape of rag curls.  Then I boiled water and using a measuring cup, I poured boiling hot water over each curl for 10 seconds.  It's important to keep her eyes dry.  A little tricky, but it worked out great.  Then I let her hair dry for 48 hours

When I took the rods out, she now has wonderful "rag" curls.  If you know your American Girl dolls, you will know that they have never had a doll with rag curls.  I think she turned out perfect and the heat "melted" the frizz away.  :o)

We have an American Girl store in Denver, so I went shopping while on a visit up north.  I bought this dress from Rebecca's line, but when I saw the crinoline and slip, I had to get them as well as I had just found an old dress form in a shop here in town.

I used just a little bit of Genesis heat set paint (from Amaco) to make her lips a little pinker....and I think she is just gorgeous!  A "remodeled" American Girl doll!  Now I'm on the hunt to find other dolls with frizzed out hair and in need of repair.  I'm going to establish a home for unwanted dolls.  LOL!!!  All the while using up my craft supplies to do the repairs with!

This bungalow came with a very nice shed in the back yard, about 8' x 12'.  I think it will soon become a doll's house.  But I have to come up with a name for it.  "The Doll Cottage" is what I keep coming back to, but maybe "The Doll Village" since "The Village" - the place where mom used to live is just 2 blocks away.  "The Village for Dolls" - meaning a retirement home for dolls?  Because people who live here know "The Village" is a retirement center.

I have started collecting ideas on Pinterest for ways to decorate it.  You can see them here.  It's great to have so much fun at this stage of my life!!!