Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Recycled Art

My youngest sister is a fantastic artist....but I think she went over the top with this piece!!!  We had a recycle art contest here in Canon City and when I saw her entry - I knew it was a winner.  And it took 3rd place!!!

Click on any photo to enlarge.  She took the actual keys off a piano and put them on the board!  The background is all recycled paper.  She cut up used wood to make the black musical notes.  The frame she picked up at a thrift store.  She took all kinds of old charms that I had, painted them black and put them around the piece.

It was too cute that the ribbons were made by recycling the comic pages from the newspaper.

Here's what she wrote:

I know the keys don't look right
And the notes don't look right
But even when some things don't look right
We can still see something wonderful an inspirational.
The same is true with our lives.
Sometimes you have to see beyond
What looks right in others
To find something truly amazing, wonderful
And inspiring.

I think this should inspire all of us took at what we are going to toss out and see what we can do with it.  Imagine - piano keys!!!


Mary said...

Jen, your sisters piece of art is beautiful. The written piece truly brings everything together. Again, beautiful piece of art.

Jen, I tried posting this 4 times, had a major problem proving I'm not a robot. Just sayin.... I think more people would comment if you removed the guard at the gate.

Shoshi said...

Hi Jen, sorry I haven't visited you for a while. Your sister's piece is a wonderful work of art and should have got 1st prize! Love what she's done with the keys. I'm really getting into recycling these days and hoping to use all sorts of rubbish in my art this year.

Have a great New Year and a very productive and inspirational year ahead, with every blessing.