Thursday, January 3, 2013

People always ask where my inspiration comes from.  Sometimes it's the paper.  Sometimes it's the embellishments.  Today, it was the photo!  Kerry's oldest granddaughter.  I saw the flowers on her sweater and that was my inspiration!

I wanted to make a store sample for Design U'R Memories and it just all fit together.  I love the crocheted flowers.  Paper flowers on top of them.  Vintage velvet flowers on top of them.  Patterned paper as the photo mat.

The most fun thing was the letter kit that I used for the title.  It did not have a "c" for cute.  I think it had letters for journey and adore.  No "c" in the lot.  So I made one using the back of another letter.  Just fun to challenge myself for different things to do with "kits".  Just a dusting of distress ink on the edges.  Quick and fast layout.

So for the BRBs who want to know if I ever do layouts....yeah, once in awhile!!!

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