Monday, December 31, 2012

Playing catch up with my own life

Before yesterday, I hadn't posted in over a month.  Want my excuses?  LOL!!!  Well, we are obviously back in Kingman.  Got here on the 23rd and started cleaning immediately.  Kerry's dad is moving into the apartment attached to the house and Kerry will be moving into the MBR in the house.  He is going to be living here for the time being.  I will head back to Colorado in a couple of weeks, once we get this move behind us (haven't I moved enough this year???)

Right after my last post in November, my 2007 MacBook Pro died.  Literally.  Completely.  (haven't there been enough deaths in my life this year???)  Only other Apple users will understand how traumatic this is!  I took it to several repair shops and no one could fix it.  No one even wanted to touch it.  I hugged it.  I tried to tell them that it was my life.  They all nodded their head in complete agreement.....but it was dead.  (Fortunately I back up every Friday and didn't lose a single thing!)  I did grieve for a month and then 2 days before we headed down here, I bought a new MacBook Pro.  Not even a second thought about what to get.  Expensive? Yes.  I bought my first one in 2001, the second in 2007, this one in 2012 (almost 2013) so I have no complaints about how long they last.  My sisters will all buy 2 to 3 new PCs while I still have my trusty MacBook Pro!!!   But I learned it's rather tedious to download photos and blog from my ipad and nearly impossible to type much on my iphone. Thus the break in blogging.

So Kingman for Christmas.  Truly funny.  I have a couple of friends here and I was on my way to visit Jody when I nearly broke my neck looking at this cleverly decorated yucca plant!  Had to drive around the block to take a photo.  Balls on almost every tip.  How clever is this?

Jody kept telling me about the lights on some houses that I just had to go see.  Not sure I believed her, but last night I decided that I better go find them.  Got lost (in Kingman???) so I called her up and she kindly directed me to the right street and oh my goodness!!!  I have seen lights in my lifetime, but NEVER anything like these!!!  Beyond spectacular and the fun thing is one of the houses had a neon sign out front telling you to tune into their private radio station on your car radio to hear music synched to their display.  Is that brilliant?  You could play it as loud as you wanted inside car and not bother their neighbors!!!

This is a panoramic view - click to enlarge

the left side of the drive on one house

the right side of the house (blurred as everything is animated.  The sign said over 50,000 lights.  I believe it!!!

About 13 years ago, I loaned Kerry's mom this wonderful showcase to store her dolls.  I have it listed on Craigslist for $100.  It is quite old, has all original glass in it.  Solid wood frame.  I used to have an antique store in San Diego and this was in it.  If you can bring a truck or trailer to Kingman, it's a real steal!!!  The link to the ad is here.  I'd love to sell it while I'm here!   72" tall, 45 1/4" wide, 33 1/4" deep.  The door opening is 23" wide.  

Would be a great way to display all of your creative projects!!!

Finally, we've started a new playgroup in Canon City.  The Backroom Babes (instead of the Basement Babes - my group in Lafayette).  This group is sponsored by the 2 stores we have in Canon City:  a Stamp of Excellence and Design U'R Memories.  We meet on the 3rd Thursday evening from 6 - 9 pm in the backroom of Design U'R Memories.  I'll be teaching/demonstrating techniques and if you bring what you need, you can play along.  It's not a class.  It's free.  And my hope is that those who play will shop both stores as I really like them both!!!  I really want to help both of them grow their businesses!

So on 12/20....5 nights before Christmas, we had 25 women turn out for the beginning of the Backroom Babes.  Sometime down the road, I will blog the techniques that we did..all different things you can do with Stickles!!!  On January 17,  I will be showing different ways to use Distress Inks.  We have selected 11 topics for 2013 and I will put together a schedule when I get back home.  I think it's going to be so much fun!!!  Everyone is welcome, just call the store to reserve a spot.  I don't provide anything for these playtimes....but for this next night, I highly recommend you bring stuff to play along.

The supply list is available by signing up for emails from either/both stores!

It sure is fun to be creating/teaching/designing once again!  Can't wait to get back home.....but will be collecting ideas while I'm here in Kingman!!! (One needs a reason to take breaks from cleaning!!!)

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