Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Restaurant review - Whitewater Bar & Grill, Canon City CO

I've decided my blog needs to have a restaurant review!  When we moved to this tiny little town, we knew there was a Chili's, McDonalds (etc) and the Belvedere.  But little did we know what other fantastic places there were...and I think others who are traveling through need to know so they can stop and enjoy!!!

Now just look at this.  OK, look at the regular sized 16oz plastic cup and that will give you an idea how large the plate is!!!  This is a "Texas baked potato".  Cheese and brisket.  I've ordered it on 3 occasions and each time, I've taken home enough leftovers for 3 more full meals!!!  And if I recall, it is $9.99.  And it tastes great.  I mean, this is really good food!!!  Thats a side of baked beans - just toss them on top the potato for an even better meal!!!

Fun decor inside.  From the highway, you wouldn't guess it's this big.  There are big screen tvs on the other wall and you can spend hours looking to see if your photo is up there.  

A gazebo out back.  My personal preference is to eat on the back deck - which I didn't photo.

things for the kids to do

Volleyball courts

and you can actually make this an all day affair - you can river raft, zip line, eat, drink, and most weekends, there's a pretty good band playing in the evenings.  I don't like loud bands, but this place has the bandstand out back, so if you eat on the back deck, the sound isn't bad at all!!

but you have to go inside to find all the hidden treasures as it just doesn't look like much from the highway.

but the view looking west is spectacular, some of the best sunsets ever.  Back in the early 1970s, I lived in a tiny little house up on the top here that's now yet another river rafting business.  I really did love living up here!

You can't miss the sign or the place, about 8 miles west of Canon City on highway 50.  On the north side of the road before you get to the turn off to the Royal Gorge.  There's a helicopter ride place just before it if you're up to that!

Kerry and I were laughing because of the marketing genius of this place. All they need to do is to have a campground and they would keep you for a week.  Then we saw a brochure on the table where they offer overnight stays at 3 local homes.  I guess they have thought of everything!!!

So, if you head west and you want good food for your money, this would be my top spot in Canon City.  In the weeks to come I'll be blogging other great places we've found.  Hope you will give them a try!


family restaurant south yarra said...

I'd never been to the place and as I read this post I fount that this restaurant is pretty good for me. Thanks for the share.

Anonymous said...

The BBQ brisket is yummy too almost as big!!!!!r