Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Praying Spot - aka - Rachel's sukkah

Sukkot begins at sundown on 9/30.  When we bought this house, it came with a dilapidated pergola in the back corner of the back yard with a pond that was buried in dead leaves and rubbish.  My niece, Rachel, said, "Aunt Jenny, you have a sukkah!"  So, we have decided to keep it and name it Rachel's Sukkah....but it has become my praying spot.

I know the view at night isn't great, but it's about 16' x 13', so pretty large.

I've added 2 strands of blanket lights and plan to put up 6 more sections.  And can you see the pollyanna type prisms hanging along the south end? (click to enlarge)   We planted 2 wisteria trees, one on each end, shortly after moving in and in 3 months, they have twined and wound their way up over the top boards.  I'm hoping to have wonderful flowers next spring!

Big enough for a table, 4 chairs, the grill, and the pond is over where that black corner is.

OK, it's a tiny pond - we cleaned it out and put a small waterfall feature in there.  It sounds amazing.  And just over the top, I can see the foothills/hogbacks on the west edge of town.  Such a peaceful spot. Such a perfect spot for prayer.  Such a perfect sukkah that I can enjoy all year long!

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