Saturday, September 15, 2012

Rearranging Life

What do you do when you have to rearrange your life?  Well, I gave it some thought and decided to play with that thought a little bit!  How many times have you gone to a thrift store or a garage sale and wondered what happens to all those out-dated flower arrangements???  This one was $1.99 and pretty old and dusty:

Start by taking it all apart.  Pile each type of flower/leaf/green piece into it's own cluster:

If you want, make some silk ribbon flowers, or even flowers out of old netting to add to your new arrangement:

Then, sort of put them together how you think you like them.  I do this on a craft sheet.  I can easily start over and try this a hundred different ways.  Obviously, I've decide to only use the white flowers and green leaves for this project:

Next, I took 6" wide white netting and wrapped it around my craft sheet which is on a glass mat.  The weight of the glass mat held this in place.  I can then place a drop of warm glue (I no longer use a hot glue gun as it's a weapon for anyone over 60!!!) on the netting.  Place a flower on it and press down.  When the glue cools, you can easily pull the netting and flowers up off the table.  Pretty darn cool!!!

 And when it's all put together......doesn't this look much better than that old arrangement I picked up at the thrift store?  And it cost me $1.99!!!

I did add a cut little dove....and of course, some stickles glitter.

For now, it's an arch over a painting mom did. But I'm getting new furniture for the bedroom and everything will get moved which means I'll be rearranging what's on the walls....puttying holes, painting.....

it just NEVER ends!!!  LOL!!!  But oh!  what fun!!!

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