Thursday, August 2, 2012

6 degrees of Inspiration (a challenge!)

Degree 1:  My friend Kathy gave me some magazines yesterday to bring to the retirement center.

Degree 2:  So I'm visiting with mom and we were looking at a stamp magazine.

Degree 3:  And that reminded mom that she used to make tags with stamps.

Degree 4:  And then she started showing me her tags.  Most of them made in 2004.

Degree 5:  And then she decided she wanted some new tags but she didn't want to make them.

Degree 6:  So I asked her if she wanted me to blog and ask my readers to make her some tags and she said "YES!!!"

So there you have it - 6 degrees of how inspiration works!

And a request.  If you are inspired by mom's tags below,  make her a new one and send it to me and I'll bring it over to her.

She uses them for bookmarks so they have to be flat....but any size is just fine.

They need to have strings, ribbon, something on the top that she can grab hold of. (see samples below)

The address is:  Jen Lowe, Bx 172, Canon City Co 81212.

And I'll post photos of what you send!

These are some dated 2004.  I remember her making these.  She would use tissue papers for the background, stamp on a piece of paper, cut it out, attach it to the tag.....

sometimes, she painted over the tissue.  On this one, she did the flower in glitter glue

Here's a pretty one she made using stamps and colored ink.

Bright colors can revive anyone's day!

This is one of our favorite stamps!  Over the years, we've used it a lot!

And now for the "tag story".  Mom used to be a nurse practitioner at a rural clinic in Darrington, Washington.  She had a very dear friend named Edna.  You can see more of Edna's story here.

About 1995, mom took a trip back to Washington to see Edna as Edna was dying of cancer.  They were sitting outside and mom was drawing and Edna was putzing away.  Mom turned the painting into a card and she didn't know what to do with it.  It was such a good memory of Edna who died shortly after mom was there.  So, mom turned it into a 2 sided tag which she uses in her Bible.  What a lovely way to remember a dear friend all these years later

Now, if you've been inspired by Edna's story, make 2 or 3 tags and mom and I will send to Edna's daughters so they can enjoy the inspiration Edna and Annabel's stories have brought to you!!!


Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog and have been enjoying the tutorials and your blog in general. I made a tag for your mom and will mail out today. Maggi in WI

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Thanks Maggi in WI. We are moving mom on Monday to my sister's house. Glad you like the blog. I hope to do more in the next few weeks.