Monday, July 30, 2012

Exploring Colorado

We have been taking road trips every couple of weeks since we moved to Canon City.  Exploring places I haven't seen in 30 some years.  This is Deweese reservoir just north of Westcliffe.  You'll have to click to enlarge the photos.  But this is God's art!!!

To get here, you have to drive on washboard gravel roads.  I won't be going again as it about jared everything inside me loose!  LOL!!!

The water here is crystal clear and ice cold.  Fresh snow melt-off.

It flows to Canon City through a wilderness area.  There used to be a train that followed the creek and crossed over it 33 times.  After it washed out the second time, they never rebuilt it.

But there are places where you can hike on remnants of the old narrow gauge bed.  Just look at how blue the sky is here!

So many people claim they live in "God's country."  But I know where it really is!!!

I praise Jehovah every single day that we are out of Denver, living here, close to family, and have the ability to still take drives like this!

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