Sunday, July 29, 2012

The flowers in my garden - and my surprise!

When we bought this house, there was a country garden out back.  It was so thick and full and I knew I had to thin it out.  So I simply waited until I could create new flower beds to plant the bulbs in.

Last week I started working on that garden and began by pulling weeds.  I found a flagstone path.  The more I pulled, weeded, thinned out and cleared....the more paths I found.  Absolutely brilliant!  I still need to do a little more work....but it is turning out gorgeous....and filled with flowers!!!

If you know what these are, leave a comment.  Baby's breath in this one - huge clumps of it!


Hop something....hopstitch, hopscotch???


these are day lillies


This garden meanders down the side of the house to a pergola and water feature.  I'll take more photos soon!  Who knew gardening could be so much fun!!!


kathleen said...

the flowers above the day lilies are phlox

if you dead headx them they won't get so thick and develop leaf mold which is quite ugly.

need better pictures Jen I saw lambs ears the furry soft leaves
can't help but rub them silly they are so soft


Ginni said...

Purple and white - next to last or second to last photo - phlox. The fuzzy one is known as Lamb's Ear or Sheep's Ear, and I think the one just below it is floxglove. Hope this helps!

kathleen said...

did you not get my post bt the flowers Jen?

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Kathleen, Ginni, thank you both so much!!!

Pam said...

What an interesting combination of flowers. You didn't plant them did you? How lucky you are to have such great vegetation around. You have some lamb's ear( the purple flower on the fuzzy leafed plant), Above the day lilies are a plant I am not sure of, but it looks like a sort of columbine that grows on long stems in the summer time. It could be something that I have seen in my garden but I don't remember the name. It loves lots of sun and will spred wildly if you don't contain it. Not sure but it looks like you may have some lavendar, dusty miller(strange variety I have only seen in the past couple of years. And maybe aopine lace, and cosmos. If you google these you can get some pretty good pics on the Internet. Have fun! Later.