Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Video tour of my painted walls!

The realtor put up videos.  The first link is the best as they look skewed on youtube.
Hope it sells like lightening!!!

video includes wall paintings

749 Paschal Dr, Lafayette CO 80026 - artist home for sale!!!

I took Remax classes back in the 80s and know what an outstanding agency this is.  Tom is our neighbor so it is just complete fun having him sell this place for us.  What a neat guy!  But this was a nice surprise as I wasn't really expecting to have a video up online less than 24 hours after he was here.

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CraftyJo said...

Good luck with the sale Jen, the house looks gorgeous and your newly-painted walls are a real treat. I hope someone comes and falls in love with it immediately. I love your positive outlook on this sale/downsize/retirement adventure and just know you'll enjoy the next stage of your life.