Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My friend, Kathy, gave me this magazine.  Have you seen it?  By Better Homes and Gardens....and very interesting.  But really.  They don't know a thing about organizing!!!  I mean, you can give a person a million suggestions and ideas....but isn't organization as personal and individual as a person is?

I know hundreds of artists....and each one of us is unique and different.  My friend, Torrey, needs 6 square inches of clear space to create the most gorgeous designs ever.  I do my best work in a completely clean, uncluttered room.  So how on earth could a person advise both of us to organize our supplies?

I simply don't think they could!!!

But I thought I might start sharing a few other tips I have on organization.  They may or may not work for you!!!  I even re-purpose scrapbook tools!  These 2 metal bars were a doorprize I won years ago at a scrapbook event.  The idea was to hang bins and things from the bars.  But they ended up in the utility room as the perfect "rack" to hang screwdrivers on!

I even hang a hammer on the far end.  It's not close to what it was designed for, but it is absolutely perfect.  Having the screwdrivers right by the door to the garage....I can always find them, I don't have to open a tool box or drawer, I just pull them up and out and then put them back.

But here's the catcher....anyone know how to train your husband to put the screwdrivers back???



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