Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The "Aspen Wall"

It took her just a day and a half!  And it's simply gorgeous!!!  Click any photo to enlarge.  My sister, Colleen is just so talented!!!

This is called raised plaster painting.   You can get a feel for the depth here:

and here on the trunk of one of the trees:

The western sunlight is perfect at 3 pm in the afternoon:

and the leaves look like they are blowing in the Colorado breeze:

If you've been to my's on the wall where all my craft cubes used to be.  Guess you'll have to come over to see where they went!  LOL!  The old studio is now a "new" library.

A quiet place to sit and read.  I remember when I was a teenager, my dad wanted a prayer room.  If he were here, I'd tell him this is my prayer room as it will be my Bible study room.  674 hours of mp3 files and 6370 pages of lesson.  All from Mount Bible Institute.  It will take me the rest of my life to finish this study, but now, I have the perfect place to do it in. 

And yes, Colleen designed and made the stained glass window.  She's pretty amazing!

The bookcases are in and loaded....but we don't have the doors just yet.  They will sort of match the wall.

We just have to drive down to Ikea and pick them up.

And then, I have to work at turning my classroom back into a dining room.  Colleen says she's going home tomorrow.  What???  She doesn't want to stay and "work" any more??  What's wrong with her??? LOL!!!

Best sister on earth!!!


Shelly N. said...

Absolutely stunning, I love it. And your studio is ?????

Ayse said...

The wall with the aspen trees looks amazing. I'm planning to do a similar project on a light-green wall but am not sure of the particulars yet.. Did you use templates for the 'raised plastic' method, or are the trees made freehand? Either way, it looks so beautiful.

Little Things with Paper

Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Stencils. Some are purchased and some we made to enhance what we bought. Use an electric hot knife -better than a stencil cutter.

DonnaS said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!! I would love a spot like that in my house. Donna

Peggy said...

AWESOME! What a beautiful place to read, study or just relax. You and your sisters continue to amaze me with your talents. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Beyond clever and absolutely gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

This is simply amazing!. Can I ask where you purchased the stencil?

Victoria Larsen said...

I was completely delighted to see your sister Colleen's use of my Raised Plaster Aspen Tree Stencil set on Pinterest. I love the pure white on that solid blue wall. Just striking! She did a great job.

Victoria Larsen
Victoria Larsen Stencils

laniebp said...

I have that stencil from Victoria Larsen.....bought it a year ago or so and never got the courage to use it. After seeing yours, I think I will do mine in white too. The reason I was hesitant before is that I wasn't sure I could paint them to look realistic. My wall is dark beige so I think there will be enough contrast. Thanks for posting this