Saturday, January 28, 2012

Kerry's Cave

I think most men dream of having a "man cave"....and Kerry has been so sick these past couple of years that Colleen and I decided to create "Kerry's Cave" just for him!

We painted the wall behind the bed black and then Colleen did a freehand sketch in chalk....which we painted in white and she then painted black lines in the trunk.  Isn't she good???

The little leaves are metallic copper paint - they sort of change colors as you walk by.....

We added a bookcase to the wall and loaded it with some of Kerry's childhood toys.  Just fun things for him to enjoy.

And we found these 2 cute puppy pillow pets.  Now, you have to imagine Kerry saying, "if there are more than TWO's not a guys room!!!"  But the grin on his face from ear to ear told us how pleased he was.

Photos of his grandkids, family and friends line another wall and the 3rd wall, well, I'll try to get it done this week!  But at least this is a start.  I need to paint a sign on the door that say's "Kerry's Cave".  Maybe I'll do that with my cricut.

Colleen went home today. It's been such a fun week having her here with a paintbrush in her hand. And I think she's sort of enjoyed having entire walls as her canvas.

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