Friday, November 25, 2011

Hanukkah Lights

I love the Festival of Lights. OK, I just love lights!  And this year, I decided to decorate candles. Cheap candles from Walmart....with leftover fabric from the dressforms that I did earlier.

It's amazing how a simple candle can so quickly turn into a gorgeous show piece.

But beware the hot glue gun on a candle!  LOL!  I quickly learned that I have to work fast and in very small amounts.  Melted candle wax in melted glue - not so great!

I used another 125 swarovsky flatback crystals with my adapter.  I just love these crystals. From Creative Crystal.  I could use them on everything.  And I had this piece of silk ribbon embroidery work that goes just perfect over a remnant of that old wedding dress I'd cut up.

Just click on any photo to enlarge and see the detail!

Now, consider this.....nearly 40 year old fabric with a hot glue gun or the heat applicator for the crystals. It seemed to dissolve the moment it got touched.

I love the reflection of the candles in the mirrors......

but placing them next to the dressforms is where they will stay.

Jn 10:22-23  - the feast of dedication is the feast of lights

Col 2:16-17 - we are told that the Jewish feasts are a shadow of the things to come.

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CraftyJo said...

Jen, this is a gorgeous project, really sumptuous.