Sunday, May 8, 2011

Starting to play......

Well, I've been busy with ebay and building an etsy store, but tonight, I decided to make a necklace.  This one is sterling silver with swarovski crystals.  I love using large loops that you can dangle things from.  A few tiny stars scattered throughout and a very unusual one at the bottom.

Each crystal is wire wrapped on to the main loops

The star is actually 2 separate pieces

Watch as they start to come together....

To form a star of david.  Found this in Israel last fall and just wanted to make something special for it.

I'm hoping to get back int my playing mode in a couple more weeks, but first....vacation to Ft Lauderdale starting this week!  Kerry is doing quite well - he's made an amazing comeback.  So we're going to test the waters with a trip.  Should be fun!

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Shoshi said...

That's gorgeous, Jen! I love the Magen David at the bottom - never seen anything like that before! The large-linked chain is fabulous too - lovely vehicle for all sorts of dangly expressiveness!

I've been frightfully busy lately with my projects, but still just about managing to meet my deadlines! Hoping to get back into blogland a bit more regularly from now on. I'm missing contact with my friends! Just finished my hubby's Silver Wedding present and as soon as I've edited the videos, will be blogging about it.