Thursday, May 19, 2011

My "home" for unwanted Judaica.....

So, whenever I go thrift store shopping and see anything Judaica, I "have" to buy it.  I simply can't leave it at the thrift store, thinking that it will go unloved another moment!  We have a new Goodwill store that is on the way to the post office.  And since I'm ebaying right now....I'm always on my way to the post office! Such an excuse, huh?

Today, I found a candle holder.  It was horribly rusted over.  I should have taken the "pre" picture, but forgot.  It took an hour of sanding with 600 and 400 grit paper, but the results are well worth the effort:

So that cost me 43 cents!  Then I remembered a serving plate I had found quite some time ago at another thrift store and pulled it off the shelf and cleaned it up:

Today's second find was a heating thing - put the candle inside and pot on top.  Probably an incense burner, but I found it charming, especially at just 45 cents!

I do love to make "dust corners" - little scenes of things I collect - that are good at collecting dust!

but that looked too plain, so I added candles and some flowers and I think this is the beginning of a new dust corner in my home!

While in Ft Lauderdale, Ruth took me to numerous thrift stores.  I got one photo in a brand new goodwill store down there, I swear it looked like a Dillards or Macy's!  Quite impressive!  The home goods section looked just like a Hobby Lobby.  But of course, they told me I couldn't take photos.  :o)

So, I am now a home for unwanted Judaica.....much better than leaving it at the Goodwill store!  Wonder what I'll find on my next thrifting trip?  It's always such a fun surprise!!!

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