Thursday, May 26, 2011

Private Playday with Peg Harper

Have I ever told you the story about Peg Harper?  I was up at the Bead Lounge in Longmont a few years ago (2?  3?) and came across a set of beads that were adorned with polymer clay.  I absolutely fell in love with the beads and when I looked at the price tag, I nearly passed out!!!  They were ONLY $15.  On the tiny little tag, it had the name "Peg Harper".

I walked around the store forever looking at everything else....carrying that strand of 6 beads in my hand. The whole time I kept wondering to myself, "how can this woman sell these beads this cheap?"  They were amazing.  I kept looking at the beads and thinking, "I have to say something to the store owner."

So when I went to pay for the beads, I told the cashier, "Whoever this Peg Harper is, will you please tell her that her beads are way underpriced???"  She very politely smiled at me and shook her head yes and that was the end of it.

A few months later, Linda Peterson was here for a week of friendly plastic play.  She wanted to go to the polymer clay guild.  I scrunched up my nose as we all know I just do not like polymer clay.  But I went.  After all, I was Linda's hostess for the week, I couldn't really refuse to take her there, could I?  LOL!!!

Linda's friend, Donna Kato, showed up and of course, we decided to go out to lunch.  Some other members of the guild wanted to join us.  All I really wanted to do was get back to my studio with Linda and play with friendly plastic.  But we went to lunch.  Everyone introduced themselves at the table and you know how that barely listen to someone's name as you assume you will never see these people again.

But in the back of my mind.....a name kept repeating itself.  Someone had said "Peg Harper".  As I sat there trying to recall why I "knew" that name, I looked across the table at this woman and said, "Did you say your name was Peg Harper?"  She said, "yes".  I said, "Do you have some beads at a bead store up in Longmont?"  (I literally could not even remember the name of the store!)  She said, "yes".  I looked right at her and proclaimed, "your beads are way underpriced!!"

The rest of the day is a blur in my memory, but I did join the polymer clay guild that year because I wanted to know more about this woman named Peg Harper!!!  The friendship has blossomed, the journey has been amazing and we have become great art pals and more.  Peg joined my little Basement Babes group and while she can't make it every month, she, her husband, Kerry and I do manage to get out to dinner together every once in awhile.

And yesterday, Peg came over for a whole day of playing in my studio.  Oh!!!  There is absolutely nothing like Peg being in my studio.  There's laughter, chatter.....her constant determination to convince me I will one day love polymer constant denial that I will ever give in to it.....

and then she showed me her latest projects.  Oh my goodness!  I may yet turn to polymer clay!  The ideas were running wild in my head.  So much so that I think I quit talking!  hahahaha!!!

Peg is going to teach this at our June Basement Babes date.  I cannot wait!!!

In the meantime, Peg had found tiny little stars of david and we spent the whole day making pendants using her blended polymer clay backgrounds.  I think they all came out wonderful!!!

this one has glitter on the clay and I added some art clay silver punched pieces I had already fired and polished

Each of these is covered with resin, so it looks just like they are embedded in glass.

Of course, Peg did all the resin....if you want to learn how, check out her classes at the Bead Lounge in Longmont CO

And she has a playday every Tuesday at the Bead Lounge.  Sigh.  I have so avoided polymer clay.  But I think I'm going to have to take Tuesdays off my calendar as I will be occupied at the Bead Lounge!

 I liked this one:  the joy of wearing no shoes!!!

 you can barely see the tiny star of david above the word hope.  It is 1/16".  Most of these bezels are just 1/2" wide.   They are really small, dainty pendants

 Maybe my looks just like dichroic glass!

 This one is perfection!

I'm keeping this one for me!  LOL!

 I love this caned background - with just a touch of glitter on it

 This is a big one - about 2" long.  The only large one we did.

 Are you ready for this?  The background is aluminum foil!  Isn't that Peg just amazing?

 And here you go - a Friendly Plastic background!

 Polymer clay opals background - looks just like an opal stone

Can you believe that we made all those in a single day?  Yes, they are all for sale - $10 each!  But you can't have the one I said is mine!  LOLOL!!!

Peg has since raised her prices, has put her beads and jewelry in more and more stores, is doing trunk shows and is thriving in our little Colorado world of art!  Yeah Peg!!!

What Peg doesn't know is that I still have that first strand of beads I bought.  They have become my muse.  I still take them out and hold them in my hand and look at them and wonder how on earth she ever could let them go for such a cheap price.  Nor does she know that right after we first met, I went back to the Bead Lounge and bought another strand of her beads.  I have never used them either.  Just another set that I pull out and look at whenever I need to be inspired!

Peg Harper.  Polymer clay artist extraordinaire!  Thank you for being the blessing that you are in my life!!!

And if any of you want her me.  I'm Peg's biggest fan!!!

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Jodi said...

When is the June babes? I just might have to take a day off and come to that one... Peg's new creations are just to die for!


Jennifer Moore Lowe said...

Third Thursday, June 16. Unless I change the date! LOLOL!!!! And of course, I'll forget to tell you that I changed the date! :o)